Dehydrated Garlic is used for a variety of food preparations. It is great for a healthy heart and lowering blood pressure. Referred to as instant garlic it can be used in a variety of food preparation. We supply 100% natural product and are known for our fresh, flavourful and high nutritional value dehydrated garlic.


Physical Examination

Quality Free From Pests, Sand & Other Foreign Substances
Appearance Yellow to brownish in colour
Odour/Taste Pungent & Typical Features like fresh garlic



Chemical Examination

Observed Normal
Moisture 5.50% 4-7%
Ash 3.00% 4%
Acid Soluble 0.04% 0.05%


Particle Size

Sr. No Product Name Standard Size (in mm)
1 Garlic Flakes / Kibbled 8 – 17 mm
2 Garlic Chopped 3 – 5 mm
3 Garlic Minced 1 – 3 mm
4 Garlic Granules 24-40, 40-60, 60-80 mesh
5 Garlic Powder 80 – 100 mesh


Storage: Two years in Ideal Storage condition.


Microbiological Analysis: (Kibbled, Minced, Chopped, Granules)

Observed Normal
TPC < 150000 Max 300000
E-Coli Negative 50 cfu/gms/max
Coliforms 150 cfu/gms 1000 cfu/gms/max
Salmonella NIL Absent in 25gms
Yeast / Mould 900cfu/gms 1000cfu/gms/max
Staphylococcus NIL Absent in 25gms
Shighella NIL Absent in 25gms
SO2 Not Added



12.5/13/14 Kg Paper Bag inside 1 Poly Bag
20/25 Kg Cartoon inside ½ Poly Bag
20/25 Kg Cartoon inside ½ Aluminium Foil Bag

Loading Capacity: 14 Mt in a 20 feet Container & 26 Ton in a 40 Feet Container (+/-10%)


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